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Mid town diner is big on fast foods

If you love fast food like burgers, pizzas, mid-town diner is quiet and easy on the price. 
It is found at the back of one of an iconic commercial building--that faces Centenary park on one side, Electoral commission head offices on the other and Kitgum house on the front. Yes, I am talking about that two storeyed structure that was built around the time our beloved motherland got it's independence. The diner is neat as a pin and comfortable for a drink out or eat out. 
It is not that roomy but you will hardly realize it for two reasons. For starters, it is served by huge windows that allow in sufficient light, adding a lively ambiance to the scene. That aside, space is well planned and stocked with light chairs as opposed to the traditional bulky sofas. Still on the part of chairs, there are three sitting options as created with inspiration for contemporary restaurant setting, bar setting and cafe setting.
Back to their menu of fast foods, both vegetarians and meat lovers are catered for. Prices range from 10,000-15,000 for medium size and 23,000-25,000 for large size. If succulent meaty food makes you crazy, you will fall in love with their chicken pizza or beef pizza. It is baked in a modern oven yet has a rich satisfying taste like one baked in a clay oven. The choice is yours on whether to accompany it with salads, fruits or fries. You can wash it down your throat with chilled fresh juice that is free of additives and artificial sweeteners. It costs an average of 8,000 UGX. Alternative drinks range from sodas(2,000 each) to smoothies and milk-shake. The most sought beverage is definitely coffee as it from the chariot brand. 
You will love the staff. They go above and beyond. The restaurant's location further doubles it's appeal as a place to drop by for lunch. It is found at the heart of the capital, on Dewinton Road, a laid-back street that is not so much affected by traffic jam. If you want a quick meal because time isn't on your side, their katogo will save your day. It is served from 7am-11am, costing 5,000 UGX. For a more convenient serving, you can place your order ahead of visit.
For details, call 0393241248 or visit them on plot 32 A Dewinton road.   



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