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An adrenaline-filled journey to Kapchorwa

By View Uganda

Are you an adrenalin junkie? Do you get high on taking risks? Does it only amount to an adventure if you see life flash before you? Then we would suggest amongst other things, you go take a road trip on the bendy roads of Kapchorwa district in Sebei region. The Sebei region in general, presents a shaky but total fun-filled roller-coaster like ride. The Eastern Uganda located region boasts of hilly landscapes that translates into roads winding round and round. It can be quite exciting!

 We are talking steep edges that leave one feeling like they a riding on a roller coaster. One minute you’ll be as high as 30ft above sea level, going atop the peaks of these hills, the next minute you’ll be flying down the foot of the very hills-only. Then out of nowhere, you will be slapped hard in the face by awkwardly sharp corners that stir a wild array of emotions ranging from excitement to gold old terror.


It is like a seesaw of sorts, up and down and twist, then repeat! We can promise you this: every minute spent in the drive will feel like your last minute alive. The further you progress into the heart of the mountainous region, the more you will curse why you didn’t leave a written will before embarking on the journey. I mean, even just coming face to face with another car alone could have you saying your last prayer.

 But really, who can blame you? With valleys so far below making people look like miniature versions of themselves, how is it not scary? And then as you deep into the valleys, the hills make the car feel like it might be pouring back down. The further up the hill you get, the harder the fall could look and so the excitement and fear of it all begins to make sense.

 It gets worse as the roads get narrow and the corners sharper. Every motorist must hoot before they arrive at a corner, chances that cars will stop nose-to-nose get higher and higher. Seriously though, watching them draw closer, you might think they’re on an unstoppable mission to knock you off into the deepest valleys below.

 Then soon you start to see the flickers of the magnificent Sipi falls. But first you will feel the breeze of this wildly chilly Sebei region and the green therein. This adrenaline inducing trip is rewarding. See, nothing feels as exciting as knowing you have made it!


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