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tourism minister wants to host 2020 MTV Awards( picuter by e Turbonews )
tourism minister wants to host 2020 MTV Awards( picture by e Turbonews )

By Our Reporter

When Professor Ephraim Kamuntu left the Tourism ministry for the Justice and Constitutional Affairs ministry, he handed over to former Minister of Local Government, Col. Tom Butime. During the event recently held at the Tourism ministry, the honorable Butime, also MP for Mwenge County in Kyenjojo district,

and former Minister of Local Government, promised to start his journey at the ministry with re-developments.

“We shall look into the re-development the Uganda National Museum,” he begun. “Also, we want to the re-development of the hot springs at each point they are located in the country.” He said while these are very important to the tourism sector, they seem to have been ignored and that his will be to ensure more attention is paid to them.

He however acknowledged that it would not be an easy task given how hard the former minister struggled in the cabinet for funding. Despite this, he remained optimistic that the ministry would see an increase in the 2020/21 budget.

“I will engage the ministry of finance to let them understand that I’m not asking this money for leisure,” he joked. “We will also actualize what Kamuntu wanted to change the name of the ministry to ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage.” He said that his goals was geared towards seeing an increase in the numbers of tourist arriving in Uganda. “Oh yes,” he noted emphatically. “I believe we have the most tourist attractions than our neighbors, I have no doubt we will push together for the success of this sector.”

Butime acknowledged though that to attract those many numbers, the country had to investment in high-end lodges. He then suggested that they would be working on the necessary paperwork to ensure Uganda hosts the MTV Africa Music Awards in June 2020. “This will provide platform to market destination Uganda and also construction of a convention center!” the ambitious minister noted amidst applauds




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