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President Museveni on Corona Virus: Have you ever heard that Museveni is in the bed with legs up?

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By Our Reporter

As the Corona virus, largely burdening the Republic of China brings the world to its knees, Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had words. Speaking at a recent roundtable talk with different stakeholders, he said that Uganda would be taking even more strict precautions and emphasized why he hates diseases. “There is no shortcut, because if we are not strict, if we don’t stop these people who are having rampant sickness…” he said before quickly taking to a narration as to why his government was doing this. “Because some people were briefing me yesterday how it started in Italy.”

 Of the genesis of Italian scenario Corona virus that has led to hundreds of death and forced the entire country on a lock down, the president said:  “You can’t believe that it started with one fellow, who was not even an Italian, he was a German who was working for Uniliver in China,” he said. “So this fellow came to Germany but also continued to Milan, and just planted the virus! I don’t know whether he died or survived, but that’s how it started, from one person.”

He then went to explain why sickness was not in the books for him. “One of the things that I don’t like is sickness, and the reason I don’t like sickness is because I have no budget for sickness,” he said. “I don’t have budget to lie in the bed and put my leg up, that I am sick; I have been with you here all these years, have you ever heard that Museveni is in the bed with legs up. I don’t like sickness because I want to be working all the time and I know what sickness can do.”

He said that whenever there are diseases like these, he analyses that origin and addresses it from that perspective. “When AIDS came, we analyzed of AIDs, it was well known… and we went to that address,” he said before talking about Ebola in Congo, a country just a border away. “Ebola has been to Congo I don’t know how many times, it didn’t come to Uganda. Just across the border, people were dying, but just because we sensitized the people,” he said. “… so even this one, if we are really alert.”

The president cautioned against being in places with air conditioning. “Like the other day we were having a conference somewhere in Munyonyo and they put air conditioning, air conditioning is the best spreader of these diseases,” he said. “I refused to go there, I said I will only come when you’re sitting in the compound. Especially here, we don’t need air conditioning, what is it for?”

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