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Do not evict people, the president of Uganda orders all landlords.

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In case you missed it, here’s the main points from this evenings Presidential address:
7.04.2020 - Presidential address on COVID-19 in Uganda

ℹ️The issue is not about convenience - education and examinations; social issues we are talking about life and death on a large scale.Therefore I am going to be very harsh with people who don’t understand the civilized way of doing things. Let’s follow the directives and guidelines.

 If Ugandans were serious, & following the guidelines managing the virus ? is easy to be contained.

ℹ️We are still assessing the effect; and that’s why we are monitoring the results. Testing started on 21st of March ~ to-date we have tested over 3,000 people with 53 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Thanks to the Ugandans for following the guidelines, there are some who are playing around and should stop ?

ℹ️There are those who go to exercise (Case in point - At the By-Pass) - you exercise indoors - run in the room, do push-ups. ✅There should be no exercising in public.

✅Security Personel beating people - talk to people, don’t beat. If they refuse, arrest.
Don’t enter People’s homes but get security clearance to search homes you suspect to be violating the guidelines. Handle the issues firmly and legally

✅Landlords evicting people should stop. Tenants will pay later. The shutdown is for a period

✅No Boda Boda should be found carrying passengers only cargo/parcels. Should stop at 2pm

✅Politicians involving themselves in the distribution of food should be arrested and charged with murder

✅We continue to produce items required locally; Nytil is making reusable masks; more factories are producing sanitizers; we are going to bring some companies here to produce reagents

✅University Examinations - we need to understand the situation. People should stop normalcy language during abnormality
ℹ️In Africa we are fighting with social indiscipline of people

✅Vehicles - double cabin pickups were exempted to carry cargo.
Cars who have been accepted, please Don’t carry people in your cars

Hon Jane Aceng: We are working backwards to review all those who came back from 7th March - these people are identified and tested together with family members. If tested positive, we isolate you.

We want to appeal to the cargo people who are coming into the Country from neighboring Countries. These will be tested on arrival starting tomorrow.

We appeal to communities to identify those with symptoms so that they can be isolated.

Observe the lockdown guidelines ~ Stay in your homes ?

H.E: I thank the Ministry of Health for doing a great job.
The 100 prepared health hubs in the districts are equipped to take samples. We are going to discuss with health people, general standard protective equipment for health workers during epidemics or not.

✅Transport fleet for MOH - 1400 vehicles needed and I appeal to people to contribute and I appreciate those who have already contributed (list will be shared)

Rt. Hon Prime Minister: HE assigned Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut and team of specialists to manage the fund. The fund will be managed professionally and all donations will be published.

Maama Janat Museveni ~ we encouraged universities to hold on to give examinations when the situation goes back to normal. The most important thing is to stay safe. If everything is right, then schools can open but if things are not right, then we will communicate too. Let’s stay put and stay safe and healthy

This is a time for survival.


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