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People & Culture

The dead Bunyoro kings are not 'dead '


Omukama kabalega, Bunyoro's greatest king courtesy pic

 By Solomon Oleny 

A story is told of a king, a very gutsy king. He remains the greatest king of Bunyoro Kingdom. Omukama Kabalega, what a king. A man remembered for his incomparable attempts at protecting his people from the British colonialists who had then taken over the Buganda Kingdom.

Gipir and Labongo: A journey into the Acholi and Alur story

By Solomon Oleny

Gipir and Labongo, what a time old legend! Dating far back into the 15th Century, its climax sits atop a spot on the Albert Nile called Wang-Lei. With a genesis almost dismissable, this story is so pertinent. See, back then, each Luo family had an ancestral spear it held very strong attachment to. It was a symbol of leadership and authority. 

The ‘God’ in Western Ugandan names

By Edwin Nuwagaba

The Western part of the country is a hub of names exalting God. Interesting, right? Ever wondered why? Natukunda (He loves us), Nuwazuna (He is the one who saves), Mwesigye (trust Him), I could go on all day. It is a long story, one I will be delving into. You see, long time ago,   the land that Banyakitara (Banyankore, Bakiga, Batoro and Banyoro) occupy today, was once occupied by a people known as Batembuzi. ‘Batembuzi’ comes from the word ‘okutemburura’ which means ‘taking over a place which was once unutilized, and then developing it’.


By Caroline Ariba

I can almost still hear him. The roar in his voice, the pride, the command. I hear it. It plays like a tape in my head, over and over.  I see his face, tough and very matter-of-fact-like; the veins poking through his sun-kissed skin meant business! I still see it all. The bride’s uncle was not taking prisoners, he had arrived

The pot dance: A pride and elegant pot affair

By Our Reporter

A dance with pots. Herein the ladies rave with several pots lined up vertically atop their heads. But that’s a basic description; there is more. Hands out, waist in and neck held high, this is a dance of pride!



Moons and moons ago, a group of grey-bearded old men chose a tree-shade as a meeting point. The spot, also covered in grass, was where these elders brainstormed about the issues of their different communities.  Little did they know that 700 years later, this spot would birth a whole kingdom,

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