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Eight mind-boggling facts about the Batwa King, Geoffrey Nzitu

No.8. Sex and Marijuana: Like his subjects, he strongly subscribes to the thought that sex and marijuana can heal just about anything.

 No.7. Down to earth: Unlike most Kingdoms across Sub Saharan Africa, his kingdom is comfortable with him partaking in any activities done by their subjects. Given this background, don’t get a heart attack the day you walk into a Mutwa market and find him hawking items.

No.6. Mourning: Every time anyone in his kingdom passes on, he goes for four days without bathing as a gesture of conveying his heartfelt condolences to the deceased. At the climax of the grieving, he freshens up at the nearest river in an effort to cleanse himself of any misfortunes that could have come with the death.

No.5. His size: Going by his small body physique (he's small enough to fit in the chair of a minor), you would think he wishes for a sky hugging height. Surprisingly, the monarch has no regrets about being slightly over a metre tall. It has always been his dream come true seeing their children take on their physique.

No4. Of his wife rights: Though privileged enough to have as many wives as he wishes, he is an ardent believer in the one man for one woman ideology. That said, he is contented with monogamy.

No.3. Not necessarily above the law: Though treated with a great deal of reverence, he isn’t above the rules when it comes to marriage. His family had to pay bride price comprising local gin, a dog and marijuana to the family of his dream better half.

No.2. Solitary: In an effort to eliminate any chances of contracting any foreign diseases, he relates with the neighbouring tribes only if he must.

No.1. Semi-educated: Though born of a tribe that has shunned education from the word go out of detest from the way iron sheet roofed classes make noise when it rains, he endured education up to Primary Seven thus emerging as one of the 10 most educated people from his tribe.

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