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A white water rafting experience

Are you in Uganda? Then you just can't miss this awesome dose of adrenaline rush. Many even call it the top adventure to do in Uganda’s adventure capital, Jinja. It entails overriding 8 major rapids of river that are well spaced over a scenic 24 kilometer stretch. Regardless of whether you chose the

half day or full day excursion, you will leave with both physical and emotional rewards.

If you are feeling stressed, the roller coaster-like ride will treat your mind and soul to internal healing and nourishment.


Over 1,000 who don’t know how to swim have successfully and safely rocked it since it began taking place over 20 years back. This is partly because safety is the main concern of the rafting agencies and standards of their equipment is second to none.


To start the day, you will served breakfast to fill you with sufficient energy ahead of your expedition. You will then be split into groups of six people each with similar appetites for adrenaline. Each will be led by a coach who has been rafting for over 10 years. He will ensure you are comfortable but most of all confident to rock the day. Shortly after boarding the raft boat at a calm stretch of the river, he will give you a safety briefing—purposed to enlighten you on how to have a trip that is free of regret and fear.


Having rafted countless times before, our safety crew know the river very well and will keep you safe throughout. You will swiftly come to your rescue just in case you fall out of your boat after it has hit a high wave. The rapids you will counter are on the bigger side but prior to confronting each, the raft will be consulted as to determine which line to pass take through. This will limit the number of times your boat will flip upside down. The beauty with rafting the Nile unlike an ocean or sea is that its water is not salty, it is fresh. As such, neither your eyes nor skin will be damaged. On the contrary, they will look exquisite and renewed in the end due to the healing effect of the mineral-rich water.


Our photography crew will be stationed at different strategic parts of the river to get highlights of your excursion.

Half way into your adventure, you will have a lunch stopover at one of the islands surrounding by exhilarating rapids and a rich concentration of beautiful birds.


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