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Moons and moons ago, a group of grey-bearded old men chose a tree-shade as a meeting point. The spot, also covered in grass, was where these elders brainstormed about the issues of their different communities.  Little did they know that 700 years later, this spot would birth a whole kingdom,


By Our Reporter

Yesterday, we stopped just when Labongo had ventured into the forest and it continues. See, the more he penetrated deeper into it, the more his legs sustained sores that frustrated his movements. Before long, the sore turned into a serious sickness that threatened to swamp the little life he had left. He was stuck in there for weeks with no one to help him.

Gipir and Labongo: a journey into the Acholi and Alur story

Wang-Lei, the sport where the story of two brothers Gipir and Labongo hits its peak should be known to many a Ugandan. It sits shortly after the drive past the Pakwach Bridge, a giant channel that serves as the gateway into West Nile region, the first thing one sees to their left side is a concentration of dilapidated buildings. These are workers quarters of the now defunct Uganda Railways Corporation.

About the ‘breasts’ of a beautiful girl called Nyina Mwiru

By Our Reporter

 The African Language and names are quite dramatic. Never shying away from saying it as is seen. So, if you are searching for historical attractions with legendary stories that are reminiscent of Roman mythology, narrow down your search to Mabere Ga Nyina Mwiru. It is a cultural and Eco-tourism gem found at one of the most impressive waterfalls of Fort Portal. You can think of Fort Portal as one of Uganda's most scenic town, lying in the shadows of Mountain Rwenzori. 

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